100% of all proceeds from the event will go to the Chopper Fund at the Humane Society for Southwest Washington to support dogs in need of life saving surgery and medical care.


It is with my deepest regrets that I wish to let everyone know that we will not be having the Chasin' For Chopper barrel race this year. This just kills me but I am lacking in help and funding. I have paid out of my own pocket for ALL of the awards for the past 3 years and it is getting to be a bit spendy, we need to find sponsorships. We will be doing the auction this year at Camas Meadows Golf Club on July 14, 2018, outdoors on the Lower Terrace. The auction did well last year but the race only made $2,500 after "expenses". After having to cancel and re-schedule 3x last year it really hurt financially. Then, having to pay daily for a facility to have the race after Mike and Catherine had so generously donated the BRN4D Arena and pens... it makes a huge difference to the net profit... which goes 100% to the dogs in need of lifesaving medical care. It just doesn't justify all of the work. We are hoping to have the race next year so please do not give up on us! If anyone would like to sponsor for next year please let us is 100% tax deductible :) THANK YOU for all who have supported us in the past. XO Tina Olson - Chasin' For Chopper


Interested in helping next year? Please contact us!




Chasin' For Chopper Barrel Race