Mira (Shelter Buddy #96500)


Mira came to us in late August 2017. Upon arrival she presented with a

noticeable limp and x-rays revealed she had severe hip dysplasia. In late

November, surgery was performed at VCA Battle Ground, and Mira was

placed in HSSW foster care to continue her recovery. For the past two

months, Mira has received hydrotherapy at Cascade Park Veterinary Clinic

twice a week to help her regain strength in her hip. Our canine enrichment

coordinator worked diligently to find Mira a family that was willing to work

with her issues and help her fully recover. A lovely couple from Seattle took

her home this February!


Cost of Care: $4,600

Dogs Helped in 2017 by The Chopper Fund

Basilia (Shelter Buddy #97253)


Basilla is a seven year old female pit bull. She came in as a stray with obvious

mammary masses and an abnormal gait from a broken right rear leg which

happened years before and did not heal correctly. Surgery was performed to

remove the masses. In addition, she was spayed, given joint supplements and

arthritis medication. She was a staff favorite and absolute sweetheart! She

was adopted 9 weeks after she initially came to the shelter.


Cost of Care: $550

Basilia 97253

Fiesta (Shelter Buddy #94753)


Fiesta is a sweet, loving 3 year old cattle dog mix. She was transported while

pregnant to HSSW from Riverside, CA. She was immediately placed with a

HSSW foster care home, but unfortunately during her delivery something

went terribly wrong. She was able to deliver one pup on her own, but then

delivery stalled and she was rushed to Columbia River Veterinary Specialists

(CRVS) in the middle of the night. She was monitored throughout the night,

and had an emergency C-Section in the morning. Of her litter; three survived

and four were stillborn. Fiesta and her surviving pups went back to the foster

home to recuperate, where they stayed for nine weeks. Eventually, all four

dogs were adopted into amazing families.


Cost of Care: $1,100

Fiesta 94753

Max (Shelter Buddy #98731)


Max is a 2.5 year old American Bulldog. Max’s family brought him to HSSW

to be euthanized because they felt they had no other option. Max had

swallowed something that he couldn’t digest and was getting really sick.

They couldn’t afford the surgery so they relinquished him to HSSW. Luckily,

the Chopper Fund was available to help Max, and emergency surgery was

performed the following day.


Cost of Care: $850

Max 98731 Peanut 92275

Peanut (Shelter Buddy #92275)


Peanut, a 1.5 year old male American Pit Bull Terrier, came to us in March as a transfer from a partner shelter in Southern CA. We were notified ahead of time that he had a front leg amputated about a week prior, due to a fracture

in his shoulder. It appeared that Peanut had additional facial trauma, and had probably been hit by a car or suffered some other significant injury. In addition to the amputation, he had surgery to repair a hole that reached from his jaw into his nasal passage in his jaw. Once Peanut arrived, we examined him, and noted that he was still limping on his remaining front leg. The limp became noticeably worse over the next two days, to the point where he refused to bear any weight on it. We began supporting him with a sling so that we could move him around the building without  causing additional pain, and took some x-rays. We found that the fractured shoulder described in Peanut’s previous medical history was present in the remaining leg, and after consultation with the previous shelter, determined that the veterinarian in CA had amputated the wrong leg. As Peanut was unable to use his remaining leg to walk, we immediately took him to an orthopedic specialist to see what they could do. Luckily, Dr. Peterson at Northwest Vet Specialists was able to perform surgery that repaired the fracture. After a week’s stay at NWVS, Peanut went to foster care with one of our long-time volunteers. Thanks to the dedication and support of his foster family, and the kindness of Chopper Fund donors, Peanut was able to recover from the shoulder surgery, and is able to use his remaining leg normally. His physical therapy routine included hydrotherapy, which helped him to heal faster. His foster family

decided to adopt him, and they share stories of him running and playing with other dogs. Peanut is now living a fabulous life!


Cost of Care: $3,508

Hennessey 59563

Hennessey (Shelter Buddy #95963)


Hennessey is a 1.5 year old “All American” mixed breed. During her spay

surgery, our veterinarians found that Hennessey had a grossly enlarged

kidney. Subsequent lab work confirmed that she was in renal failure and the

kidney was removed immediately. Hennessey was placed into a HSSW foster

home for 2 weeks to recover and then returned to the Adoption CenterShelter

and placed up for adoption. Within only a few days Hennessey was

adopted into a family!


Cost of Care: $1,125

Maui 93906

Maui (Shelter Buddy #93906)


Maui is a 2 year old male American Bulldog transported from Hawaii in May.

Volunteers reported that Maui had a lump over his elbow and was noticeably

limping. After an initial biopsy, a mast cell tumor was removed and follow up

showed no further traces of cancerous cells. Maui fully recovered in a foster

home and was adopted quickly.


Cost of Care: $300

Mira 96500 a

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