In Memory of Chopper: "Creating great outcomes for shelter dogs in need of lifesaving medical care."


Chopper was surrendered to HSSW when he was only 1 1/2 years old because his owners couldn't afford to pay for his bi-lateral cruciate ligament surgery and they brought him to the HSSW to be euthanized. Chopper was so loved by the staff at HSSW that they appealed to the public on the front page of the Columbian newspaper to try and raise the funds necessary to provide Chopper with his lifesaving surgery. In 48 hours the funds were raised.


Chopper's recovery had complications and the surgery had to be performed a second time. He was adopted by his foster "nurse" during his second rehabilitation. Unfortunately, several months later, she had to return him to the HSSW when she took a new job and could not take Chopper. At that point we could not stand to see this gentle, kind, loving soul confined to a kennel and back at HSSW for the second time.


The Olson's adopted Chopper in March of 2011 and he became an instant member of our family. Sadly, after having him for only 9 months, Chopper was diagnosed with advanced bone cancer in January of 2012 at the young age of 5. After several days of discomfort, despite meds and pain management, Chopper stopped eating. We made the loving decision to let him go and end his pain and suffering.


He was a special dog, a one-in-a-million, who touched many lives with his kind demeanor and gentle ways. I wanted to create a fund in his memory so that he will continue to help other dogs in need.


In January 2012 I created the "Chopper Fund" at the HSSW in Vancouver, WA. This fund is used for providing lifesaving medical procedures to dogs in need, who with the needed surgery, have a prognosis for a healthy, happy future. I feel that dogs should not have to be euthanized due to the inability to pay for a medical procedure so this fund helps to defray costs for those "special" souls like Chopper.


-Tina Olson



A Special Soul

Dec. 17, 2006 - Jan. 11, 2012

"Until We Meet Again"

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